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About Crystal

Crystal Parrott was born in Alliston, Ontario, Canada to Peggy a stay at home mom, and Norm (aka Chip), a tool and die maker.  As a child, Crystal excelled in school and at sports.  She competed nationally in ballet and modern jazz and was accepted to Toronto School of the Arts for dance and even auditioned for the National Ballet of Canada.


Born with jaundice, Crystal’s health was a constant source of problems.  She was admitted to the hospital at the age of 13 months with croup.  One month later, she was sick with croup again.  This would happen three more times before the age of three.  Sickness plagued her childhood including terrible allergies which required allergy shots and medications. She suffered from asthma which meant two puffers, steroids, masks and often prolonged stays in the hospital. She was also frequently treated for bronchitis and pneumonia. She had chronic headaches and migraines, nosebleeds, ulcers, broken bones, cysts, a peanut allergy, low energy and 15 pounds of extra weight.

After 24 years of being plagued with constant health issues, Crystal’s eyes were opened to the flaws in our modern medical system. 

In 2002, Crystal moved to Quebec for a teaching position that lead her to meet Jean-Guy an extraordinary man who did Live and Dry Blood Analysis.  This one appointment, what she learned, and the supplements she took, would change her life forever.  After being sick for 24 years Crystal’s health problems were all resolved, including her allergy to peanuts.

It was at that point Crystal decided to leave teaching and dedicate her life to helping others avoid similar problems and learn about the root causes of disease. 

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