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Blood Analysis

Blood Analysis requires two drops of blood taken from the finger tip. One droplet of blood reveals function and viability of the various cell types and the other droplet indicates accumulation of metabolic by-products in various areas of the body. The dried sample is a road map to where the free radical activity is in the body. Through observing various conditions in the live and dried samples, a nutritional program specific to the needs of the client is recommended.


My mother took me to see Crystal when I was 13 years old because every time I went out in the sun, I would break out in a rash.   Sometimes the rash would produce small blisters.  My doctor referred me to an Allergist, but it took a long time to get an appointment and I still had the rash.  After following Crystal's directions and taking the products she suggested, I stopped getting the rash and have not had a problem being in the sun since.  I am now 20 years old and in University.

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