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Dry Blood Analysis

  Looking at the dry blood is called the Mycotoxic Oxidative Stress Test (MOST), which looks for the acid wastes of yeast and bacteria and where they are settling in the body, causing stress to those areas. By finding out how effectively your blood clots, we can get an idea of your overall constitution. As blood cannot coagulate where acids settle, white puddles or discoloration appear; the size and shape of which represent the severity of cellular disorganization.


  The location of these puddles also corresponds to different organ systems. By extracting just one drop of blood and using specific techniques to apply it to the slide and then letting the blood clot on the slide we can look deeper into the organs and further back in time, enabling us to view conditions that have been developing over some time.


In addition, current conditions such as hormonal and sugar imbalances, digestive dysfunction and organ stress can be detected.

Before and after Client Results:

The before picture is taken the first time the client visits the office and the after pictures are taken 2 months later.

Dry blood before.jpg

Before November 13, 2013

dry_blood 2 months after.jpg

After January 30, 2014

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