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Crystal's Approach

Crystal Parrott founded Health Little by Little in 2007 with the goal of providing the highest quality natural health information and products.  Crystal has always had a love for teaching people.  She earned a Bachelor of Education degree, with a speciality in French and it was during the period of teaching after being healed herself, that she realized the need to teach and promote philosophies that produce good health and positive thinking. 

Crystal is certified with a 300 hour Reflexology Diploma.  It was the holistic approach introduced during her studies for this program that inspired Crystal to dig deeper into the root causes of people’s illness. 

She is also CARE certified in Vitaflex, Raindrop, Chemistry and Emotional Release as well as Advanced Healing Oils of the Bible.

It was after being healed through Live and Dry Blood analysis that Crystal became a Certified Photo Comparative Blood Analyst.  She dedicates her life to helping others find the root cause of their medical problems and assists them on their journey back to complete health.

Crystal has been a regular guest on Daytime television teaching about cooking and featuring recipes from her cookbook Cooking Little by Little.  She also appeared on Woman to Woman featuring a story of her healing and desire to help others get healthy one step at a time.

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