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Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is a revolutionary technique that enables both the microscopist and you to observe and analyze the characteristics of your blood – there and then. The test is carried out by extracting a minute amount of capillary blood from your fingertip and placing it on a microscope slide which is covered with a cover slip to protect it from the outside elements. The quality and condition of your blood cells is then observed through a high powered microscope (magnified 20,000 times) and relayed to a computer monitor.

You will be able to see live on the screen the quality of your red blood cells, the activity of your white blood cells, and whether there are bacteria, yeasts, molds or fungus present. Acid crystals, pH imbalances, parasites, vitamin deficiency, heavy metals, organ stress (liver, cholesterol, kidney, pancreatic, prostate, ovarian, breast) or imbalances associated with degenerative conditions will also be detected. In addition, you will receive an overall picture of how you have been living, eating and thinking over the past 120 days. By observing and monitoring metabolic function or dysfunction, live blood testing removes the guesswork from diet determination and the selection of appropriate foods, drinks and exercise.


Other benefits of live blood analysis include:   

  • Giving early warning of potential upcoming health challenges.

  • Alerting to the advisability of medical referral

  • Monitoring a specific condition before and after any health regimes

  • Determining the effectiveness of various therapies.

Before and after Client Results:

The before picture is taken the first time the client visits the office and the after pictures are taken 2 months later.

2_month prior.jpg

Before October 30, 2015


After December 14, 2015

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